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NLRC in the Media

We're grateful for all the folks who have amplified and included our work in their newspapers, magazines, podcasts and more! 

Tricia Masenthein | The Lawrence Times | Jan 4, 2024

"'In the future, as we face further issues with climate change, spaces like this are going to be happy, healthy spaces … when they take away watering your lawn and fertilizing your lawn, in response to climate change, Dena is going to be ready,' Masterson said.

As smoke drifted across the yard, the event drew the attention of neighbors and passersby. Ecological fires, albeit much larger in scale, occur on the Kansas prairie next to expansive interstates and highways each spring but rarely on a city street within a residential neighborhood during wintertime..."

Photo: Molly Adams 

Molly Adams | The Lawrence Times | Nov 29, 2023

"About three dozen students and community members gathered Wednesday morning to place Good Fire and spend time in community on the land. 

The group, led by Melinda Adams in partnership with Native Lands Restoration Collaborative, set out to burn a patch of remnant tallgrass prairie near the Winter School northwest of Lawrence in an effort to restore what little is left of the culturally significant ecosystem..."

Photo: Molly Adams

Jordan Winter | The 785 | Oct 22, 2023

"Want to learn more about the native plants around you? 🌱 Get an inside look at this immersive prairie walk and poetry reading, which celebrated the release of Wild Words, a new book featuring native plant-inspired works from local poets.

The event, hosted by the Lawrence Public Library, featured poet Megan Kaminski and Native Lands Restoration Collaborative leader Courtney Masterson."

Screen Shot 2024-01-06 at 11.57.08 PM.png
Screengrab: The 785 YouTube Channel

Erin Socha | Kansas Reflector | June 5, 2023

"...But above all, restoration work fuels [Courtney's] mission. Masterson has dedicated herself to restoring the beauty, abundance and ecological balance that once defined this corner of the world.

'Native landscapes are lifting a herculean weight in providing sustainable food systems, clean water and healthy soils,' Masterson said. 'Because we’ve reduced the cover in our region to a percent or less, we’re seeing a rapid loss of those benefits.'"

Photo: Erin Socha 

Betsy Webster | KCTV5 | May 2, 2023

“'Every step you take in the prairie right now is a loss of many species,' explained botanist and ecologist Courtney Masterson, walking through the area.

The prairie hyacinth was drooping when it should be standing tall. 'If you can imagine a towering spike of blue wildflowers covered in pollinators,' she said, describing how it would normally look.

Naturalist Ken Lassman discovered the damage over the weekend. 'It was a gut punch,' he said."

Screen Shot 2024-01-06 at 7.37.31 PM.png

Restoring Kansas Prairie w/ Native Lands - Courtney & Ryan

Amy Glattly | Prairie Ramblings Podcast | Oct 1, 2020

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