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Spider milkweed in bloom

Native Lands Restoration Collaborative (NLRC) is strengthened and supported by donors like you! We appreciate any amount of monetary support you can provide. Our organization is supported solely by private donations, recurring memberships, and project-specific grants. Your investment in Native Lands ensures the long-term success of our organization, our capacity to educate more land stewards, and ability to protect our native woodlands, wetlands, and prairies. 

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Help us build a community outdoor classroom!

The Rookery

We are fundraising to build a two-story outdoor classroom at Blazing Star Prairie to increase our capacity to host curious minds from the community throughout the year, while also providing a publicly accessible outdoor gathering space. We need your support! 

How to Donate



1111 Wild Horse Road

Lawrence, KS 66044

Or click the Donate button above to make a one time donation or become a recurring supporter! 

Note: We use a free non-profit donation software, Zeffy, to process and manage our donations. You are welcome to contribute a tip as suggested to help support the software, but do note that you can reduce this amount to zero by selecting "other" on the donation percentage drop-down menu.

Levels of Membership 

Butterfly on Sullivant's milkweed flower

Welcome to:
The Nature Gang!
Native Lands Restoration Collaborative Memberships

We lovingly call our community of monthly and yearly supporters the Nature Gang. As a supporter, you'll receive our quarterly newsletter, have access to members-only events, and carry the knowledge that you're supporting community-centered botanical and ecological educational opportunities. Choose the level of membership above that works best for you and your family. Like our native ecosystems, every member counts, and we are truly grateful to have you! 

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