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Native Lands Restoration Collaborative leads programs and projects to support the sustainability of our native ecosystems. Education is at the heart of all of Native Lands' work. Learn more about our current projects and programs below.

The Kansas Native Seed Team

The Kansas Native Seed Team sustainably collects seeds from remnant landscapes to reintroduce native vegetation to publicly accessible spaces.  

In Spring of 2023, Native Lands Restoration Collaborative, the Kansas Land Trust, KC WildLands, and the Haskell Greenhouse received a Douglas County Natural & Cultural Heritage Conservation Grant to establish this project. KCWL’s Seed Team served as the inspiration and model for the creation of this local Seed Team “chapter” in Douglas County.

1% of native prairie remains in Douglas County. The Kansas Native Seed Team teaches citizens historic conservation practices, equipping them to combat climate change by creating resilient, biodiverse restored ecosystems. 


Community Projects

We offer public education through grant-funded restoration projects on public lands. Native Lands has perfected a model of community-centered restoration projects that restore habitat and return native species to the landscape while incorporating education each step of the way. With the support of volunteers, we are able to expand the reach of these projects through partnerships and educational events.


Career and Skills Training

Filling a deficit of practical, hands-on land stewardship education, Native Lands will offer training to individuals and groups, cultivating the next generation of land stewards. At an individual level, Native Lands will offer internships to rising high school and college students who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of botany and land management. Native Lands will also work with groups, like school classes and neighborhood action crews, to provide practical training to groups interested in learning more about how to manage and care for our native landscapes. Additionally, skill and career training will be focused toward supporting at-risk youth and other groups who may not have access to relevant training.

Individual and Private Services

On a limited basis, we will consult with private landowners (individuals, land managers, municipal governments, groundskeepers) to help develop plans for restoration or management. Additionally, Native Lands staff can assist with designing seed blends for individuals and organizations interested in planting and restoring native plants to their land.

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Outreach and Advocacy

We are active in the community sharing our current work and the importance of native plants and landscapes. We give public talks, join panel discussions, visit with classes of all grade levels, and share educational content on social media.

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