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To someone special...

You've found the Native Lands Restoration Collaborative blog! This space will be a place to celebrate the people in our community who work hard to connect us all to native landscapes and wildlife. They create sanctuaries, protect our wild friends, and build bridges between communities. They're scientists, artists, advocates, and educators. They are our people - The Nature Gang. We wouldn't be here without them!

We wanted to make this first post about someone who makes our hearts overflow with gratitude - Kaitlyn Ammerlaan. For years, Kaitlyn has been an enthusiastic supporter of Native Lands. Her joy, positivity, and truly limitless skillset have helped us create this non profit organization. Her friendship has strengthened us and her cookies have carried us through the hottest, tickiest field days. You're reading this blog right now because of Kaitlyn's amazing work. We are forever grateful to her for her support...

Thank you, Kaitlyn --- you're our hero!

Photos courtesy of Andy White & Native Lands Restoration Collaborative staff

Kaitlyn is the Heritage Conservation Coordinator for Douglas County, Kansas. Her work supports efforts in the county to protect cultural and natural heritage sites. She is currently working with community partners to research (and hopefully implement) an open space plan for Douglas County, providing protection to native landscapes, valuable farmland, and park spaces into the future. This is vital work and we're grateful to Kaitlyn and the Heritage Conservation Council for their efforts. Learn more about the HCC and the development of the open space plan for Douglas County at the link below:

That's a wrap for our first blog post, folks. Welcome to Native Lands Restoration Collaborative! Our work is driven by, inspired by, and dedicated to this community. We're here for you. If you know of someone who's story belongs on this page, let us know. Thank you for your support!

Courtney & Ryan

Native Lands Restoration Collaborative

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